KoL Holidays

  • April Fool's Day ((RL)April 1): Adventure in the Spectral Pickle Factory; maybe other weirdness
  • Arrrbor Day (Petember 4): Plant 100 saplings for a reward the next Arrrbor Day
  • Crimbo (December): An entire (real-life) month of adventure and mystery
  • Dependence Day (Bor 4, July 4): Shoot a firework to get an increased stat for a while
  • Feast of Boris (Boozember 7, 4th Thursday in November): Stomach capacity increased by 15
  • Festival of Jarlsberg (Jarlsuary 1, January 2): Combat spells cost 3 MP less to cast
  • El Dia de los Muertos Barrachos (Martinus 2): Fight wandering undead monsters and get awesome booze
  • Generic Summer Holiday (Bill 3): Take a pool toy for a swim in A Reasonably-Sized Fountain for bonus substats
  • Halloween (Porktober 8, October 31): Go to Seaside Town houses and beg for free candy!
  • Labór Day (Carlvember 6): 10 extra adventures!
  • Oyster Egg Day ((KoL)April 2, Easter): Hunt for oyster eggs hidden throughout the Kingdom
  • St. Sneaky Pete's Day (Starch 3, March 17): Drink green beer to get even drunker than usual (and have special adventures)
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19): Fight the occasional wandering pirate
  • Valentine's Day (Frankuary 4, February 14): Special Valentine gifts available at The Gift Shop
  • Yuletide (Dougtember 4): Listen to spooky stories, lose HP, gain MP and roasted marshmallows
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A blue bar on the right side of the day's box denotes the part of the real-life day that actually corresponds to tomorrow on the KoL calendar, i.e., the part of the day after rollover.
A pink bar on the left side denotes the part of the day corresponding to yesterday on the KoL calendar, i.e., the part of the day before rollover.


Version: 2018 August 5

Acknowledgement: Almost all information in this calendar collected from the KoL Wiki, without which this would have been nearly impossible to create. Thanks!