Buffs Available from Items of the Month Since 2018

Garbage Fire (GF)
January Garbage Tote (JT)
Clan Carnival Game (CC)
Pokegarden (PG)
FantasyRealm (FR)
God Lobster (GL)
Songboom Boombox (SB)

Cat Burglar (CB)
Bastille Battalion (BB)
Neverending Party (NP)
Latte Lover's Mug (LL)
Voting Booth
(Why not?) Voting buffs are much too random to be worth mentioning here

Boxing Daycare (BD)
Elf Operative (EO)
Kramco Sausage-o-Matic™ (KS)
Lil' Doctor Bag (LD)
Vampyric Cloake (VC)
(Why not?) It takes at least 9 adventures to get even a key out of PirateRealm; it's not a place to get a quick buff

Fourth of May Saber (FM)
Hewn moon-rune spoon (HS)

Beach Comb (BC)
Your Campsite Away (YC)
Pocket Professor (PP)
Eight Days Pill Keeper (PK)
Pizza Cube (PC)
(Why not?) Buffs depend on available items and RNG

Red-Nosed Snapper (RS)
Retrospecs (RE)
Bird-a-Day Calendar (BI)
(Why not?) Buffs depend on too many variables

Powerful Glove (PG)
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